Nykøbing Falster Renseanlæg

Digital design for the wastewater management plant of the future

“Future challenges cannot be solved by the tools of the past.”. This distils the reasoning behind the rebuilding of Nykøbing Falster Renseanlæg by Guldborgsund Forsyning. Today, technological development sets out demands for professional wastewater management, some of them being efficiency, an increased focus on the water environment, and a satisfying work environment. Therefore, the day-to-day running must be based on remote sensing and planned and preventive maintenance efforts, which lead to a reduction of operation costs.

CN3 executed the main project for the building and construction contract with Krabbenhøft & Ingolfsson as sub-adviser, for the general contractor Munck Havne & Anlæg. Through a close cooperation with the general contractor, the adviser for operator and installations and manufacturers, CN3 tailored the design according to optimal execution methods for a new 1000 m2 multi-building, several basins, technical structures, and pumping stations.

The detailed BIM models have functioned as an efficient tool in the design coordination and have helped to gain a common insight concerning challenges at design meetings. This shared understanding made these meetings highly effective. Simultaneously, the models have been a foundation for all the drawing material and design coordination with suppliers, ensuring complete consistency in the final project and thereby an effective execution.

Future challenges cannot be solved by the tools of the past.

BIM&VDC management
Interface management
Methods & value engineering
3D Engineering
Model and drawing automation
Digital Fabrication

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