Grøn Gas Lolland Falster

The three longest horizontal directional drillings in Danish history.

CN3 played a vital role in the successful Green Gas Lolland-Falster project, focusing on integrating biogas into Denmark’s energy system to reduce CO2 emissions. The project was carried out by MTH Højgaard in a joint venture with HDI and Spiecapag. The core of the project involved constructing three long subsea underpasses using horizontal directional drilling. To cross a distance of almost 2 km beneath the ocean bed, two drill rigs were used in tandem, drilling from each side of every underpass. This technique, combined with the project’s numerous stakeholders and interfaces, introduced significant risk and required next-level planning and precision.

Our expertise in digitalization and data management led to efficient design management, risk assessments, and the production of detailed drawings and models essential for project planning and coordination. As part of the final delivery of the project, CN3 provided Energinet with the GIS files required for a compliant digital delivery.

By overseeing the three longest horizontal directional drillings in Danish history, CN3 showcased its commitment to enhancing productivity and sustainability in the construction industry.

"This project required a substantial amount of documentation and design material throughout all phases. Having CN3 as an integrated part of the project team ensured that we always had the digital resources required and made me confident that we could deliver high-quality documentation within a tight timeframe. Having a mature digital foundation enabled us to make well-informed decisions, reducing the overall project risks"

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