New Containerterminal Nordhavn

Leading the way to a leaner more sustainable way of constructing large infrastructure projects

Munck Havne og Anlæg is tasked with constructing a new container terminal for By & Havn to accommodate the expansion of the North Harbor, which is being transformed into a vibrant new neighborhood in Copenhagen.

Working by the water requires an extra focus on ensuring a safe working environment on site. Traditional construction methods pose challenges in maintaining safety and efficiency, often leading to higher material waste and a less healthy work environment.

To address these challenges, Munck and CN3 optimised the project to adopt a large degree of prefabricated reinforcement cages. This approach not only enhances the safety and efficiency of the execution phase but also ensures a healthier work environment. Additionally, by implementing meticulous planning and digital simulation, Munck has been able to reduce material waste to below 0.1%, significantly justifying the extra effort and setting a precedent for leaner, more sustainable construction practices in large infrastructure projects.

We have consistently experienced the benefits of VDC on multiple projects, as it allows us to address potential issues before they emerge on the construction site

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