Virtual Design & Construction

Specialists within digital project management and VDC

The requirements and demands for VDC and BIM keep growing. It’s an unprecedented opportunity for the companies that lead in this business-critical area. You can make it yours by using our proven expertise within prefabrication and lean construction.

Draw on our cutting-edge, intuitive digital tools and over 13 years’ experience as a pioneer in VDC and BIM, and you’ll take productivity, timeliness, and resource-efficiency to new heights. In this way, you’ll sharpen your competitive edge and lead industry change.

Virtual Design & Construction

Our team delivers, tailormade solutions and a digital foundation that will reach far beyond any individual project.

- Rolf Carlsen, Group CEO and founder, CN3

Efficient digital project realization from start to finish

Compliance: Feel secure in the knowledge that your project and organisation comply with digital requirements throughout all project phases.

Quality: Large numbers of models from a wide variety of stakeholders will increase the risk of inconsistent and poorly structured model data. Instead, achieve reliable, relevant and consistent data – all the time.

Constructability: Acquire the basis for an efficient construction process and enable the use of prefabricated, digitally manufactured solutions.

Progress: An increase in productivity of up to 40 % is made possible through VDC technology and lean construction.

A combined knowledge and technology service

Digital Construction Management: We manage project stakeholders, coordinate their interfaces and ensure constructability through BIM, data-driven design and information management.

3D Engineering: By using computational design, we prepare accurate and highly detailed BIM models. These ensure constructability and a high repetition effect as well as form the basis for digital fabrication.

Virtual Design & Construction: We build the project virtually before it is built physically, thereby enabling all project stakeholders to participate in improving health and safety as well as efficient execution – all with lower risk.

Data Management: We ensure that reliable data is connected and accessible through our cloud-based solution, so that it is right there when you need it for all decision processes.

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