Digital Management

Bringing value and outcome driven transformation into the construction industry

Digital transformation is one of the most powerful drivers in the construction industry today. We have mapped institutional, digital, and technological characteristics that enable us to quickly and efficiently identify maturity-levels, opportunities and technologies that create value for you and your company.

Through a holistic approach to digital transformation, development, and implementation of digital solutions, we ensure execution of a strategy that is value-based so that it yields results now and in the future.

Digital Management

Our specialization and experience from leading and developing BIM and VDC on some of the largest projects in Northern Europe is fundamental to building and executing valuable digital strategies for our clients in the construction industry.

- Rolf Carlsen, CEO & Founder, CN3

Digitalization that works for you

Data driven construction: Build the foundation for a more data driven and technology based approach to construction. We ensure that data from different sources develop and channel into high quality structured information that can support informed decisions at every level.

High performing organizations: Feel secure that your decisions are futureproof and attractive to both employees, collaborators and customers. With the right digital strategy, you will reduce your costs for onboarding, training and errors significantly.

Best fit technology: Increase productivity and attract the most motivated and high performing team members by bringing the right technology to the heart of your business. Reach a state where the technology amplifies you and your teams.

Efficient processes: Don’t re-invent the wheel on every new project. Build a framework that allows you to let people make independent decisions – while still relying on industry and company best practices as well as proven technologies.

Experts in Digital Management & Transformation

Our team is specialised in providing robust, practical and implementable solutions that are useful for both in-office and on-site opportunities. From day one of your organizational transformation journey, these solutions can be applied to digital construction processes as well as the implementation of technology and standards.

Digital Maturity Assessment: Identification of As-Is state and development of To-Be state ensuring alignment with ISO19650 standards and the company’s strategic goals.

Strategy Development and Implementation plan: Development of digital transformation strategies along with a detailed and actionable road map.

BIM Systems and Technology Implementation: Set up of a Common Data Environment (CDE) as well as identifying management and integrations required for overall project and organisational efficiency.

BIM Management: Develop BIM processes and documentation to support project and organizational requirements.

BIM Training: Training on different aspects of BIM processes and systems that are in alignment with internationally recognized standards (e.g., ISO 19650 and buildingSMART). This also includes set-up and implementation of a company wide Learning Management Systems (LMS).

ISO19650 Certification: Development of processes and templates as well as offering training for achieving ISO19650 certification. Assistance also provided for ISO9001 and ISO 55001 certifications.

Certified buildingSMART® training provider

A prerequisite for a more digital and more efficient construction industry, is the introduction of standardized ways of sharing and storing information during the project lifecycle.

CN3 are registered under the buildingSMART Benelux chapter, and we offer professional certification for individuals as well as tailormade programmes that raises the digital maturity of individuals as well as organisations, working towards more efficient, data-driven, and technology-based practice.

Read more about the buildingSMART foundation course.

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