S&B – Digital Asset Management

Endeavouring for digital excellence in Infrastructure management

Sund & Bælt is the largest owner of infrastructure in Denmark, their portfolio includes The Great Belt bridge and other large infrastructure assets. On their journey towards the use of BIM as part of digitizing asset management and being able to tender projects with BIM, CN3 has provided several key services. CN3 has delivered digitization of 2D to BIM, development of digital solutions, and assisted the implementation of BIM as part of digital operations and planning of new projects.

CN3’s BIM collaboration platform Vitus has been a vital part of the BIM implementation and change management across the organization, acting as an interface to models and data for all stakeholders. Via the open API, we can integrate with the existing software landscape, and thereby allow the shift to BIM to be done without replacing existing systems. By delivering a combined technology and consulting service, we have been able to align both organization, digital assets and technology interfaces and thereby decrease the need for change management and increase delivery value from day one.

Reference data
Sund & Bælt
Digital maturity assessment
Strategy development and Implementation planning
BIM systems and Technology Implementation
BIM management
Digitization – 2D to BIM

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