Sundsvall Bridge

A complete Virtual Design and Construction solution

CN3 carried out a full VDC solution for the design & build of the combined 2.1 km steel and concrete bridge, including abutments and earthworks. All concrete structures onshore and offshore were modelled at information level LOD500.

During the design stage, all structural details and alignments were examined to ensure Trafikverket’s requirements were achieved, and the level of constructability was enhanced to increase profitability.

The detailed models were used for the digital fabrication of reinforcement bars, formwork, prefabricated concrete elements, and setting-out data during the execution stage.

A thorough examination of the project based on the 3D models increased production rates, whilst reducing rework and waste material amounts to a level as low as 0.06%.

The full VDC solution with an integrated 6D planning system, an ordering system for foremen, and an as-built model including tolerance documentation provided a return on the VDC investment close to 900%.

Reference data
BIM&VDC management
Methods & value engineering
3D Engineering
Model and drawing automation
Digital Fabrication
Planning and progress monitoring (4D)
Quantities and finance (5D)

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