Digital production and VDC tools ensures effective execution of an 8000 square meter piece of art

In the construction of KIRK KAPITAL´s new headquarters in Vejle in Denmark, designed by Studio Olafur Eliasson, CN3 has delivered Virtual Design & Construction services for the general contractor.

Through a comprehensive value engineering process, CN3 has analyzed the building’s complex geometry and prepared a detailed fabrication model in 3D. During the process, geometric principles for ruled surfaces and parametrics were defined, which secured unique production methods virtually and physically.

The building’s load-bearing structure of cast-in-place concrete is optimized to achieve an efficient execution method for the curved concrete surfaces. For example, introducing curved precast concrete for non-load-bearing walls with an optimized geometry allows reuse of form systems and thus a systematic execution flow.

Apart from the highly detailed geometric 3D model of the concrete structures, a 3D model of the rebars was developed to implement digital specification and fabrication of 1.355 tons of complicated rebars. Thereby ensuring constructability and handover of the complete design to the construction site.

Based on the complete production model, CN3 analyzed different production methods for the unique form system such as end molds etc. to ensure efficient execution. Consequently, the model is defined to ensure consistency against the construction model for all masonry surfaces. Furthermore, the model is used to develop the principles for the form systems and molds for performing curved masonry work.

Other stakeholders used CN3’s consistent fabrication model to produce molding systems produced by data from the 3D model. In addition, the model provides data for setting out and as-built measurements. The model is the constructive focal point in the project and is widely used even for interface coordination of the curved glass panels, masonry work, HVAC, etc.

VDC tools secured a shared understanding of the project and strengthened communication between all stakeholders.

Fjordenhus is a full scale demonstrator of how unique architecture and craft, can be realized efficiently through VDC and digital fabrication

BIM&VDC management
Methods & value engineering
3D Engineering
Model and drawing automation
Parametric design
Digital Fabrication
Planning and progress monitoring (4D)
Quantities and finance (5D)

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