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Specialists within digital project management and VDC

Requirements and demands for BIM and VDC are increasing. However, using these technologies actually represents an opportunity to gain a substantial competitive advantage through the use of prefabrication and lean

With more than a decade of experience, acquired from some of the largest infrastructure, and most complex building projects in Scandinavia, we possess the knowledge and technology platform necessary to help you realize your projects and take full advantage of all available digital opportunities.

Our team delivers, tailormade solutions and a digital foundation that will reach far beyond any individual project.

- Rolf Carlsen, CEO and founder, CN3

Efficient digital project realization from start to finish

Compliance: Feel secure in the knowledge that your project and organisation comply with digital requirements throughout all project phases.

Quality: Large numbers of models from a wide variety of stakeholders will increase the risk of inconsistent and poorly structured model data. Instead, achieve reliable, relevant and consistent data – all the time.

Constructability: Acquire the basis for an efficient construction process and enable the use of prefabricated, digitally manufactured solutions.

Progress: An increase in productivity of up to 40 % is made possible through the use of VDC technology and lean construction.

A combined knowledge and technology service

Digital Management. We involve all project parties, coordinate interdisciplinary interfaces and ensure constructibility through the use of BIM and data-driven project management.

Virtual Design & Construction. We assemble, analyze and simulate the project virtually before construction to ensure all project parties contribute with relevant expertise and knowledge during planning, design and execution. This minimizes risk, improves health & safety and facilitates effective project realization.

Automation. We develop customized digital solutions that enable you to spend time focusing on the tasks that create value for you, your company and your clients.

Digital Twin. We ensure reliable data that is connected and accessible in our cloud-based solution, so that it is right there when you need it for all decision processes.

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