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Specialists in digital solutions for the construction industry

Requirements and demands for BIM, VDC and software solutions are increasing. However, using digital technologies actually represents an opportunity to gain a substantial competitive advantage through the use of automation and data driven construction management.

With more than a decade of experience, acquired from some of the largest projects in Northern Europe, we posses the knowledge and technology platform necessary to help you realize your projects and take full advantage of all digital opportunities.

Our specialization and first hand experience from leading and developing software for some of the largest construction projects in Northern Europe is fundamental to how we develop customized digital solutions for our clients.

- Rolf Carlsen, CEO and founder. CN3

Digital Solutions that work for you

Compliance: Feel secure, knowing your systems and project deliverables are in compliance with all requirements. Automation and development of tailormade digital solutions will help you achieve that.

Consistency: Well structured data is the foundation of automation and data driven construction management. Powerful digital solutions for structuring data are imperative on large design-build projects.

Constructability: Validate project constructability and execution methods by the use of immersive simulation and visualisation of construction sequences, risk scenarios and QHSE.

Progress: Achieve fast track project development and execution through design automation, data-driven collaboration and digital fabrication.

Security: Your data is your most valuable asset. Feel secure, knowing access is controlled, attacks are monitored and all systems are in their best-fit state.

One size does not fit all

In today’s construction industry, digital solutions from global software vendors are essential. However, these solutions are designed for a broad global audience, making it challenging for you to achieve lean processes in your business and project portfolio, without customization.

At CN3, we understand this challenge and offer powerful tailor-made digital solutions and SaaS applications that allow you to stay focused on your core business and create value for your customers. Our solutions enable you to enter the age of automation and data-driven construction, without the cost and risk of developing and maintaining inhouse software.

We offer extensive solutions for digital construction

Digital Construction Management:
Design management
BIM&VDC Collaboration
Issue management
Design review
Interface management

Computational Design:
Model and drawing automation
Parametric design
Digital fabrication

Virtual Design & Construction:
Constructability and
methods validation
QHSE simulation
Risk simulation with AR/VR

Digital Twin / Data Management:
Automated classification
Planning and progress monitoring (4D)
Quantities and finanace (5D)
LCA (6D)
As built data enrichment (7D)
Integration to GIS, Digital Asset Management and ERP

IT Solutions:
Customized software development
System configuration
Data security
BIM environment management

Product focus: Vitus

We developed the platform Vitus as a solution to one
of the largest barriers for benefitting and harvesting
value from BIM and VDC: the lack of structured data
and the industries missing capability to utilize data in
day-to-day collaboration and decision making.

Vitus allows all project stakeholders to visualize and
co-create and gain value from BIM through all phases
of construction.

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